Personal Data Privacy Policy

The Gloucestershire Gardens & Landscape Trust (the GG&LT) is subject to UK data protection legislation, which controls the use of personal data.


The GGLT will:

  • Comply with the data protection laws of the UK.
  • Only collect the personal data of its members for the purpose of the administration of GG&LT and its activities.
  • Operate on the condition that whenever a member has given his/her express permission to be contacted by email, such permission will be considered enduring unless and until it has been expressly withdrawn.
  • Look after the data and notify members immediately if there has been a data breach.
  • Allow an individual to see the data held about them and if necessary amend or delete all or part of the data.
  • Review data regularly and, when no longer needed for the administration of GG&LT, delete and destroy it so that it cannot be accessed in future.
  • Not pass the data to a third party without an individual’s explicit consent to do so.

Any queries relating to GG&LT Privacy Policy should be directed to the GG&LT Chair (email: This policy was agreed at the GG&LT Committee meeting held on 23rd May 2018. Review date: May 2020.